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Building Regulations & Fire Protection

Building Regulations

By Law all mezzanine structures must be processed through your Local Council for Building Regulations approval.

3D Mezzanine Floors offer this service as part of our package and is inclusive of Structural Engineers site survey, layout and construction plans and preparation of full Structural calculations.

We also offer a fast track service where we process the application through our local Approved Inspector. This reduces the decision time for approval to a minimum thus enabling the project to commence at an earlier date.

For the floor to comply with Building Regulations the following work will have to be carried out:

  • Emergency Lighting to conform to BS5266 Part 1 1999.
  • Fire Safety Signs to conform to BS5499 Part 1 1988.
  • Smoke Detection system to underside of the platform linked to an alarm audible through the premises conforming to BS5839 Part 1 2002.

In some cases your local council may deem necessary the following :

  • Passenger lift for disabled personnel
  • Staircase enclosures with protected walkways discharging to nearest fire exit.
Fire Protected floors

Building Regulations require a floor to be fire rated when the application is for:

  • Office use
  • Manufacturing usage
  • Retail

Or when:

  • The floor takes over 50% of the area it is sited
  • To protect the floor to 1 hour fire resistence we use the following
  • 1 hour fire rated suspended ceiling
  • 1 hour fire rated column casings

As an alternative to the above Sprinkler Systems can be installed and are accepted by Local Councils .

Non Fire Protected floors

Conditions that will satisfy these applications are:

  • The floor must have one level only and will be used only for storage purposes
  • No members of the public allowed on the floor and number of persons using the floor at any one time to be low.
  • The floor must be less than 50% of the area it is sited in
  • The floor must be no longer than 10 mtrs in either length or width
  • The floor must be open at ground level and first level
  • All means of escape via staircases must comply with Building Regulations requirements
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Our two tier storage platform was built on time, and on budget with minimal disruption and has made tremendous use of our high bay warehouse.
It was a pleasure to work with 3D Storage Systems on this project.
Glen Tombs
M D, Simply Rugs.net

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Our new mezzanine floor has been a great success and has saved us a great deal of time and money from relocating to alternative premises.
Many thanks to all at 3D Storage Systems.
Paul Kenyon
Operations director, DNS Arrow

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