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davicon mezzanine floors

Our Company is a Davicon Partner, the market leading supplier of quality mezzanine floors

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Mezzanine Construction

3D Mezzanine floor are constructed from Square Hollow upright sections, Universal main beams, and Galvanised steel multibeam support beams. The secondary beams are cleated to the pre-drilled web of the main beam thus offering a slim inset design..All materials are manufactured, cut and pre drilled prior to delivery to site. No on site fabrication, welding or painting is required.

Our floors conform to all Building Regulations requirements and to BS449, BS5950, BS399 (Loading) and also have Local Authority (Building Control) National Type Approval.


Braced/Unbraced design

As a standard our floors have diagonal bracing designed into the structure to aid stability and rigidity.

Alternatively where bracing impedes free movement underneath the floor we can design the floor as an unbraced structure.

Main columns

Rolled Hollow sections or Universal columns

Main Beams

Universal beams pre drilled to accept secondary deck beams and used to achieve shallow floor depth

Deck Beams

Galvanised steel deck beams fixed to main beams via cleats to create floor grid and deck support


Compliant with Building Regulations requirements to Type K Standard or Type M Ambulent


All exposed edges protected with regulation standard hand and knee railing.

Base Plates

Baseplates welded to main columns and fixed to concrete floor via Countersunk floor anchors.

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Our two tier storage platform was built on time, and on budget with minimal disruption and has made tremendous use of our high bay warehouse.
It was a pleasure to work with 3D Storage Systems on this project.
Glen Tombs
M D, Simply Rugs.net

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Our new mezzanine floor has been a great success and has saved us a great deal of time and money from relocating to alternative premises.
Many thanks to all at 3D Storage Systems.
Paul Kenyon
Operations director, DNS Arrow

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